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Are Truck Drivers being targeted for a speeding ticket by politicians and law enforcement agencies? Have you ever tried to beat an unfair traffic ticket or DOT fine? Are you aware your CDL License could be in jeopardy because of a child support dispute? Your CDL is a necessity if you are earning your livelihood as a truck driver. It is an asset just like your truck and your home. Lose it and you lose your job and your livelihood.

In 2017 over 400,000 traffic tickets were issued to holders of a CDL license. Many of these were serious CDL violation that can lead to a suspension of your license even if you have points remaining. To see the complete breakdown go to NAFTA Safety Stats.

As of January 2017, two new traffic enforcement violations were added: 'driving a CMV while texting' and 'using a hand-held mobile telephone while operating a CMV'. FMCSA Mobile Phone Restrictions

Here is an email from a driver named Donald about his speeding ticket and it is typical of many that we receive:

Ticket Details/Comments - State,County, Speed, Speed Limit: 3 tickets in 12 months for speeding (2 in Indiana and 1 in IL)....IL CDL will be suspended for 2 months beginning in October...can't afford to not work...have wife and baby to take care of.

Unfortunately, Donald waited too late. He is now out of a trucking job and it is unlikely any company will hire him until these tickets go off his record. It is extremely difficult to get a speeding ticket reopened after you plead guilty by sending in your money. If you have a ticket, click on the link at the top of the page and get legal assistance before you too are out of a job. This may be true for anyone that drives a company vehicle whether it is a truck or not. Your company' insurance carrier will check your driver's license record and will refuse to allow you to drive a company car if you have too many speeding tickets on your record.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is changing the trucking industry rules on a regular basis. Now they are keeping records on individual truck drivers and their speeding tickets just like they are keeping records on the trucking companies. In addition, a company will usually check your past CDL record through DAC which is now HireRight.

CDL drivers may request at any time a copy of your DAC report previously prepared by HireRight, and your active database files maintained on you by HireRight by contacting them at 800-381-0645. HireRight will also provide you a list of all HireRight customers who may have received your DAC report during the last 2 years. If you have an error on your DAC report contact DAC

Hi, and WELCOME to my website. Truck drivers are required to have CDL licenses and comply with a complex set of Federal, State and Local regulations Trucking companies expend a extensive investment in truck driver training. A trucking company cannot afford to lose an employee because of overzealous enforcement of a speeding ticket or a tragic accident. A recent study by a major university found that the average cost of replacing a truck driver is over $8300. In addition, trucking companies paid over 31 million dollars in fines in 2017 for violations of FMCSA regulations, many of them driver related. 

I want to emphasize that the majority of trucking companies are very SAFETY conscious with an extensive safety program and insist that their employees OBEY the law. They do not want unsafe drivers or unsafe trucks on the road. A truck driver is a professional and his company expects him to drive safely and with courtesy to the other vehicles on the road. This site is to help you comply with the law and avoid the consequences of an unfair speeding ticket, not evade the consequences of an unsafe action.

However, my grandfather used to say that there is no experience in the second kick of a mule. Bad Things Often Happen To Good People. Just because you are issued a speeding ticket does not mean you are Guilty. I was employed for a time as a Police Officer in a small town. I know for a fact that many traffic tickets are more about Revenue than safety. This site is dedicated to helping law abiding drivers retain their CDL driver's license, reduce their burdensome insurance rates, receive help when targeted by unscrupulous companies, and beat an unfair speeding ticket.

Most people do not realize that driving a truck is a business with all of the problems of any small business. However a trucker's problems are multiplied by the numerous local, state and federal regulations that may change with the whim of a politician or judge.

If you drive a four wheeler or eighteen wheeler and have received an unjust reckless driving or speeding ticket violation, then we have the information you need to decide how to contest your citation. Just follow the links on the left or below.

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PREVENT FUTURE TRAFFIC TICKETS Purchasing a quality radar detector and laser detector and learning how to use it can help prevent future traffic tickets. Click HERE to see our radar and laser detector recommendations.



Many states allow you to take online traffic school and keep the speeding ticket off your record. Check HERE for your state. NOTE: CDL Drivers are not longer allowed to take traffic school.


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Fight Your Speeding Ticket Books
There are a lot of books online and in print that promise you can beat your ticket if you will just purchase their program, speeding ticket case dismissed, speeding ticket excuses or whatever. Most of these are a complete waste of money and only guaranteed to give the judge and officer a good laugh. I have reviewed almost all of these and can only recommend two. They are Fight Your Ticket and Win in California and Beat Your Ticket: Go To Court & Win by David Brown.

It almost always pays to fight a speeding ticket by either going to court or retaining an attorney. If it is a serious ticket you should always consider retaining an attorney that is familiar with the local laws and judges. If you need legal help click on the link at the top of the page.

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