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The only way to beat speeding ticket is to avoid receiving a traffic ticket in the first place. We encourage you to carefully obey all traffic laws and to drive safely. This site is designed for the truckers who deliver the freight across this great nation. We hope the following articles will assist you in your journey.

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The cost of a traffic ticket attorney may save you thousands in insurance premiums or even your job. If you are a CDL driver or drive a company car it is especially important to beat speeding ticket.

The Blue Light Special Part 1 - What to do during a traffic stop. Includes valuable advice for the teen driver.
The Blue Light Special Part 2 - Search My Car? No Way!
The Blue Light Special Part 3 - How to use the system to fight speeding ticket
The Blue Light Special Part 4 - Online Traffic School

Driven to Accitraction Are distractions such as cell phones a major cause of traffic accidents?

Radar Detector Truths and Myths Just the facts

The True Cost Of A Speeding Ticket Do you really know how much that speeding ticket will cost? The fine that keeps on taking.

Stop Cussing That Trucker The truck driver is a professional and deserves your respect. Read this article for an understanding of the problems he faces including the effect of a speeding ticket. Since speeding tickets received in your personal vehicle may now lead to a suspension of your CDL license, it is very important for a CDL driver to try to beat speeding ticket.

Five Tips for Safer Driving Follow these tips and get there safely.

Sleep and Snore No More A good night's sleep is necessary if a truck driver is to maintain the alertness required to safely deliver his load. Drivers who suffer from extreme fatigue even after sleeping need to be aware of a medical condition known as sleep apnea.

Five Reasons Why I Don't Have a Will Truck drivers see tragic accidents on a regular basis. However most still have not prepared a last will and testament.

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Who's To Blame? Poem about a trucker, an accident, and the lawyers

Duke and the Traffic Ticket A bad attitude earns truck driver Duke a traffic ticket from Officer Bob.

The Big Wheel Truck Stop Inspirational story about truck drivers at the Big Wheel truck stop.

Is Your Pickup a Commercial Motor Vehicle? The answer may surprise you.

So You Got a Speeding Ticket What do you do now?

Your DAC Report What is it and why is it so important to a truck driver.

Speeding Ticket FAQ Answers to the speeding ticket and traffic court questions you wish you didn't want to know.

My CDL License is Suspended-Now What? It may not be as bleak as you think.

Truck Driver Entry into Canada Information on crossing the border into Canada, criminal offenses, and filling out your customs forms.

Speeding Ticket Urban Legends Some people will go to great lengths to believe the unbelievable.

Medicaid and You This is not a speeding ticket article but a lot of truckers are approaching retirement age. This tells you what you need to know about Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid

Many states allow you to take online traffic school and keep the speeding ticket off your record. Check HERE for your state.

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Radar Detectors and Laser Jammers

One of the best ways to prevent inadvertent speeding tickets is to purchase a good radar and laser detector. If it saves you from just one ticket it will have paid for itself. Click on the link below for our recommendations on radar detectors and laser detectors and laser jammers.


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