Teen Online Drivers Education

Why take teen online drivers education on the Internet?

A.The real question is why do your driver education classroom work anywhere else?

Here are just a few great reasons why Online Drivers Ed is for you:

Take the course from any computer connected to the Internet.

Less expensive than regular classroom courses.

Never waste your weekends driving your kids to and from drivers ed class.

No scheduling problems around school events, sports, or your work schedule. Drivers Ed online is available 24 hours a day seven days a week.

Our course issues official certificates that are accepted by state Department of Motor Vehicles to apply for a permit.

Express certificate delivery available.

Simple and user friendly program. No extra hardware to install or programs to download.

Teen Online Drivers Ed is approved in many states including Florida and Texas. For an speeding ticket you may be eligible for online traffic school.

Texas Online Drivers Ed

Teen Driving Course of Texas is a complete and comprehensive Texas Driver Education Software teen online drivers education course that is STATE APPROVED by the Texas Department of Public Safety as Parent Taught.

Teen Driving Course of Texas was designed with the teenager and the busy parent in mind and fulfills the State of Texas requirements for 32 hours of in-class Texas driver education training and 14 hours of in car training.

Virginia Driver Improvement Online

This course will provide you with 5 Safe Driving Points with the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles. In addition your insurance company may also reduce your rates. If you are a licensed driver in Virginia and have accumulated 4 or more points you need to contact your insurance agent. If you are going to court for a Virginia speeding ticket, taking this course if you do not have the maximum safe drivng points will usually help you with the prosecutor.

If you have a Virgina reckless driving violation, please see our Virginia page at

Virginia Reckless Driving

California Online Drivers Ed

This program allows teenage driving students to take the time necessary to fully comprehend driving laws. The course is designed to allow students to log in and out in a secure and safe environment at their pave using a unique username and password. Not only is the course flexible for a student and his/her parent, but it offers the opportunity for a parent to take an active role in the child's driving development. The California driver education program is for students under 18 years of age in high school or for students at least 15 years old.

Florida Teen Driver Education

The state of Florida requires that all new drivers take a first time driver traffic law and substance abuse course. If you want your learner's drivers license regardless of age, you must take this Florida drivers education course.

Our first time Florida teenage driver traffic law and substance abuse course can be taken from any computer with Internet access allowing you to work at your own pace. You can register for the traffic school course online through our secure server processing forms.

Traffic School Online and Teen Driving School are not provided by Speeding Ticket Central but we do recommend them as the cheapest and best online traffic school.

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