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Traffic and Insurance Points For a North Carolina Speeding Ticket

Whenever a motorist receives a speeding ticket in North Carolina, they can be assessed two different types of points, driver's license and insurance points.

North Carolina Driver's License Points:

The North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles maintains a record of North Carolina speeding ticket convictions and automobile accidents. The NC DMV will assign driver's license points for convictions of North Carolina's Motor Vehicle Laws in accordance with the schedule below. If you accumulate 12 or more points within a three-year period, the NC DMV may suspend your license. The first suspension of your driver's license under the point system shall be for no more then 60 days. The second suspension shall not exceed 6 months and any subsequent suspension shall not exceed one year. You cannot take online traffic school to keep a North Carolina traffic ticket off your record. The place to start is to research your exact North Carolina traffic violation. The statute number is on your ticket.

North Carolina Speeding Ticket Laws

Schedule of North Carolina Driver's License Points

5 Points
Passing a stopped school bus.
4 Points
Reckless driving (Misdemeanor)
Hit and run, property damage only (Misdemeanor) (If personal injury = Felony)
Following too closely
Driving on wrong side of road
Illegal passing
3 Points
Running through a stop sign
Speeding in excess of 55 miles per hour
Failing to yield right-of-way
Running through red light
No driver's license or license expired more than one year
Failure to stop for siren
Driving through safety zone
No liability insurance
Failure to report accident where such report is required
Speeding in a school zone in excess of the posted school zone speed limit
2 Points
All other moving violations
Failure to properly restrain a child in a restraint or seat belt
1 Point
Littering involving use of motor vehicle
0 Points
Seat Beat Violation
Improper Equipment/plates/registration/muffler/inspection sticker display

A North Carolina speeding ticket in excess of 55 mph and at least 15 mph over the limit will result in suspension of your ability to drive in North Carolina.

If you have an out of state license and commit an offense which is suspendible or revocable in North Carolina, the NC DMV cannot suspend you driver's license but can suspend or revoke your privilege to drive in North Carolina. They will also notify your home state which may take additional action.

If you receive a notice from the NC DMV concerning suspending or revoking your driving privilege in North Carolina, you are entitled to a hearing if you follow the guidelines and procedures set out in the notice. Some offenses are suspendible without an opportunity for a DMV hearing. If that is the case, there is the possibility of obtaining a limited driving privilege through the court system. For a complete list of the violations that will result is a suspension see:

North Carolina Suspensions and Revocations

North Carolina Attorney Referrals

Buncombe County Traffic Attorney

If you need a NC traffic attorney we highly recommend Curtis Sluder. He covers Transylvania county on a limited basis, traffic tickets only in Burke and McDowell Counties, and NC speeding tickets and other misdemeanor criminal in Buncombe, Henderson, Polk, Haywood, Jackson, and Madison Counties.

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North Carolina Speeding Ticket Attorney

Raleigh Wake County Attorney

If you have a speeding ticket or other NC legal matter in Orange County, Alamance County, Wake County, Chapel Hill, Burlington, Raleigh, Person County, Durham County, or Chatham County North Carolina call

Wes Everett
Everett Law Firm, P.A.
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Suite 1100-D
Chapel Hill, NC 27514
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Website: Free North Carolina Traffic Ticket and North Carolina DUI Case Evaluation

By retaining a North Carolina speeding ticket attorney you usually do not have to waste a day of your time in NC traffic court. At the Everett Law Firm, P.A., their team of staff and attorneys are devoted to providing approachable, attentive North Carolina legal representation. Whether you have been charged with a serious federal drug crime, been injured in a car accident, in need of a NC traffic ticket attorney or a North Carolina DUI attorney, they can help. Contact them today to discuss your unique circumstances and individual goals with a North Carolina attorney you can trust.

Winston Salem Attorney

For a CRIMINAL DEFENSE, SPEEDING TICKET OR DUI ATTORNEY in Forsyth County, Winston-Salem, Kernersville, Walkertown or Clemmons call

John Barrow, PA
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North Carolina DWI Attorney

The Barrow firm handles Driving while License Revoked, DMV Hearings, Underage Alcohol Violations, Limited Driving Privileges, Criminal Traffic Matters, and Auto Accidents.

They accept VISA, MasterCard, Amex and can handle most North Carolina traffic matters without you having to appear in Court.

North Carolina License - Out-of-State Speeding Ticket

One of the most common calls we receive is when a North Carolina driver receives an out of state speeding ticket and just pays the fine. The North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles will suspend your North Carolina drivers license if you are are convicted of a speeding ticket in excess of 55 mph and at least 15 mph over the speed limit in any state. To avoid a suspension, you must contest the ticket. You can go back on your court date and try to negotiate for a reduction or we will refer you to an attorney in the state where you received the ticket. Just click on the link at the top of the page and fill out the information.

Additional Grounds for Suspension

Two convictions of speeding over 55 mph within a 12 month period One conviction of speeding over 55 mph and one conviction of reckless driving within a 12 month period A suspended court sentence or part of a sentence mandating that you must not operate a motor vehicle for a specified period of time A conviction for speeding over 75 mph

North Carolina Insurance Points

The automobile liability insurance rates which are paid by licensed drivers in North Carolina are determined by five factors:

1. The basic North Carolina automobile insurance rates which are set out in the North Carolina Personal Automobile Manual.
2. Insurance points which they have accumulated during the past three years for speeding tickets and accidents.
3. Whether their insurance company has transferred their coverage to the reinsurance facility.
4. What region of North Carolina they live in.
5. Whether that have three years or less driving experience.
North Carolina drivers will be assessed insurance points if convicted of a North Carolina speeding ticket violation or if they have an at fault accident during a three year experience period.

The number of insurance points a driver receives will determine the surcharge which will be added to their insurance costs. One 25%

Two 45%

Three 65%

Four 90%

Five 120%

Six 150%

Seven 180%

Eight 220%

Nine 260%

Ten 300%

Eleven 350%

Twelve 400%

Even one North Carolina speeding ticket can drastically increase your North Carolina auto insurance premiums. If you know a speeding ticket is about to be entered on your record, you may save money by cancelling your current auto insurance and purchasing a full year of coverage form another company. The best way to obtain the cheapest auto insurance quote is by clicking on the banner below.

Fight North Carolina Speeding Ticket

Prayer For Judgement Each household may receive one Prayer for Judgment Continued (PFJ) every three years without it counting as a conviction. If you have a minor North Carolina speeding ticket, you do not need a North Carolina attorney. Call the court and find out how to contact the ADA handling your case. Go by and talk to him about a reduction to a 9mph over ticket or a PFJ. A 9mph speeding ticket will not raise your rates if you have a clean record. This may be a better option and save your PFJ for a more serious North Carolina speeding ticket. A Prayer for Judgment is normally only available if you have a North Carolina drivers license.

If you receive a citation for a traffic offense in connection with a traffic accident, you may be able to avoid conviction on that charge by obtaining a letter from your insurance company stating that they have assumed financial responsibility for the accident. When presented with such a letter, many District Attorneys will dismiss the charge against you.

North Carolina Attorney

Should you retain a North Carolina speeding ticket attorney to fight your speeding ticket? That is a decision you have to make on your own. Contact your insurance agent and find out how much the speeding ticket will cost you in additional auto insurance premiums over the next three years. Another consideration is whether the traffic ticket will result in a suspension of your driver's license. We always recommend a North Carolina traffic attorney for any serious CDL violation or for any traffic violation that may result in a suspension. The cost for a traffic attorney is usually between $250 to $500 and you normally avoid a court appearance. If you need a North Carolina speeding ticket attorney for any legal situation, click on the link at the top of the page and fill out your information.

Study Shows North Carolina Traffic Tickets are for Revenue Not Safety

A study of North Carolina traffic tickets concludes that speeding tickets issued by local jurisdictions are more about revenue than safety. The study, authored by Thomas Garrett of the Federal Reserve Bank and Gary Wagner of the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, concludes that local governments often use traffic tickets as a means to enhance revenues during difficult economic times. These revenue enhancements are rarely rolled back, however, upon a change in economic fortune, the study found.

"There is anecdotal evidence that local governments use traffic tickets to generate revenue. Using panel data for North Carolina counties, we examine whether changes in local government revenue influence the number of traffic tickets issued. We find strong evidence of an asymmetric response by local governments. Specifically, positive changes in revenue have no effect on traffic tickets, but negative revenue changes increase the number of traffic tickets issued."

For a complete text of the article see

NC Traffic Ticket Study

Radar Detector Recommendations

If your ticket is for 15+ miles over the speed limit, NC will suspend your license. Purchasing a quality radar detector and laser detector and learning how to use it can help prevent future traffic tickets and a license suspension. Click HERE to see our radar and laser detector recommendations.


North Carolina Traffic Ticket Cost

Summary of North Carolina Traffic Laws, Speeding Ticket Fines and Penalties

North Carolina Traffic Court Calendars on Line.

The Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) maintains an internet website which includes the court calendars in each North Carolina county. The web site can be found at

North Carolina Traffic Courts

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