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We have titled this page Speeding Ticket Resources to differentiate from our Links pages. This page is reserved for the best information that will assist you to beat that speeding ticket. There is a wealth of information on the web but locating a reliable resource can be a daunting task. I don't have hours to sift through all of the sites to find just the information I am seeking and time is our most valuable commodity. Hopefully this page will be of some service in finding the answers to your traffic ticket, legal, trucking, and internet questions.

Computers and the Internet

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Traffic School

As a general rule the best way to handle a traffic ticket is by taking traffic school. Even if you are from out-of-state many jurisdictions will accept a certificate from a school in your area or from an online traffic school. To find out if this is an option you need to contact the clerk of the court listed on your speeding ticket. You may still have to pay the fine but the traffic citation will not appear on your record possibly saving you thousands in insurance premiums.

Many states are now accepting certificates from online traffic schools. This allows you to complete the course at home and at your own speed.

CDL drivers can no longer take traffic school or a deferment in order to keep a speeding ticket off their record. In many cases it will pay you to retain an attorney. See our home page for specific state recommendations.


Speeding Ticket Forums

Forums are a great speeding ticket resource. You can ask questions, give advice, make friends, and just become a member of the community.

Car and Driver Magazine Forum For automobile enthusiasts and fast drivers only. Click on community at top of page.

Free Legal Advice Forum Much more sedate than the above forums. Frequented by a few attorneys and those of us interested in helping people with a speeding ticket or other legal situation.

Legal Forum at Lawyers.com Frequented by attorneys nationwide. A multitude of forums covering traffic citations and all other aspects of the legal system. Be prepared for a rough and tumble ride if you are on the wrong side of the law.

Truck Driver Forums

These are the forums in which we participate. You can ask any question or make any comment about truck drivers and truck driving, within limits or course. Some are excellent support groups for those at home while you are on the road. Others can give you the lowdown on the best carriers and the ones that you want to stay away from. Learn about DAC and HOS.

Truckers Roundtable My personal favorite and the hangout of the one and only Crystal Pistol.

Newbie Truck Driver Forum A forum for those of you just entering or thinking of entering the trucking industry.

Jobs Board and Trucking News

The Truck Stop Hangout Great forum with the most comprehensive list of truck stops and reviews.

Red Light and Photo Radar Cameras

Many states are installing red light cameras and photo radar cameras in order to increase traffic ticket revenue.

Washington Post Article on red light and photo radar tickets

Great information on Red Light Camera tickets. Mainly a California site but good information for any state.

Highway Robbery

Have you heard the news about Los Angeles County? Seems the company they hired to run the cameras was getting a piece of the action on every ticket. How do you increase revenue? Set the timing of the yellow light and camera to make it seem like more people are running the light!

Now the county is having to return everybody's money and may be liable for damages. Bring on the lawyers!

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