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Welcome to my trucking links page. They will connect you to the many friends I have made in the truck driving community. Do you need a job? Are you considering a career in trucking or need legal help with a speeding ticket or DOT fine? You will find them all and more by following these trucking resources. I have verified them to the best of my ability and feel that you cannot go wrong with any of the following companies. If you have any comments regarding any of these sites please forward them to me. My email address is

Thank you for visiting and come back often. This site is updated regularly with new Truck Driving Articles. Also be sure to check out the Speed Trap Alert page not only for speed traps but other truck driving alerts as well.

We also have searched the web for products to make your trip safer and more enjoyable. My favorite is the heated travel mug since I do like my coffee. Check out our Gifts for the Trucker page.

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Direct Freight Services is where drivers, trucking companies, and video technology meet!
TruckFLIX Trucking Jobs - #1 source of Trucking Jobs for Drivier and Owner Operators!

The Trucker's Report - Making Sense Out Of The Trucking Industry

HRIterchange Our motto is: The largest, best maintained, and easiest to use trucking employment website - Anywhere.

Trucking Jobs - Class A lists truck driving jobs with better trucking companies Nationwide. Find a better trucking job today.

Truck Drivers Find Trucking Jobs Truck Drivers find trucking Jobs, truck Driving Jobs and owner operator employment from the best trucking companies in the industry at

Truck Driver Hotline Find the truck driving position you've been looking for with a company that will be around tomorrow. We offer excellent pay, excellent equipment and excellent benefits including 401K. - Find truck loads fast and free.

FindaTruckingJob We have plenty of trucking companies with plenty of trucking jobs just waiting for you. You will also find that there are plenty of companies offering owner operator jobs as well.

Here at Top Trucking Schools our sole goal is to bring you a wide selection of truck driving schools. You can search for a truck driving school and request information from these trucking schools of your choice within minutes of reaching our site.


Find a Job Trucking Forum - Class A Trucking Jobs

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