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Have you received a Maryland speeding ticket and wondering about the consequences? Then you are in the right place to find information on how to beat a Maryland traffic ticket.

The laws governing speeding tickets vary from state to state. That is why you need to know the consequences of your Maryland ticket prior to making a decision that will effect your driving privileges and your Maryland auto insurance premiums.

If you have a Commercial Drivers License the laws have changed and you need to be aware of the danger to your livelihood of just paying a Maryland speeding ticket. There is a special section below just for CDL truck drivers.

Of course the best way to avoid a speeding ticket is to obey the law. However this may get you completely run over on most Maryland Interstates. Our experience on the interstates has been that as long as you are not doing more than 10mph over the limit then you are unlikely to receive a ticket from a Maryland State Trooper. They just have so many others to pick from. However in many Maryland towns they mean exactly what they say. In addition, there are reports that this "speeding ticket cushion" is disappearing as cities need more revenue.

Maryland Speeding Ticket Revenue

NOTICE!!! New Maryland Law on Minor Speeding Tickets

Effective January 1, 2011, drivers who receive a minor Maryland speeding ticket, MUST request a trial date within 30 days if they want to contest the citation or request a Maryland Probation Before Judgment. The new law does not affect motorists that receive a “must appear” citation, such as driving while suspended or drunk driving violations.

Previously, drivers who received a Maryland speeding ticket were assigned a trial date in the Maryland District Court for all traffic tickets. Now the burden is on the driver to notify the court if he wishes to contest the ticket. This means that you now have to file a written request for a hearing to contest the Maryland speeding ticket. Motorists still have the option of paying the traffic ticket, usually within 30 days from the date of the traffic stop. If the citation is not paid within the prescribed thirty days, your driver’s license may be suspended.

Maryland DUI Attorney

The Maryland DUI Attorneys at Price Benowitz LLP will aggressively fight your DUI/DWI charge or other traffic violations including driving on a suspended license, driving without a registration, and driving without insurance. We have offices across the state of Maryland so that an experienced DUI and Maryland speeding ticket traffic attorney is never far from you. Visit our website to view our attorneys' profiles and learn how we work to protect your rights. Our attorneys represent clients in Montgomery, Prince George's, Howard, Anne Arundel, Baltimore, Harford, Washington, Frederick, Carroll, Wicomico, Worcester, and Somerset Counties, and Baltimore City.

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For a free case evaluation of your Maryland traffic violation by a knowledgeable DUI lawyer in Maryland, call (301) 458-0955.


Maryland Speeding Ticket Traffic Court

One, Two and Three Point Maryland speeding tickets normally do not result in jail time. For those offenses a Maryland traffic attorney can often obtain a deferment and keep the ticket off your record. A deferment is a probation before judgment or PBJ. With a PBJ the Maryland speeding ticket is not entered on your record so long as you do not receive another Maryland traffic ticket for the next 6 months in most cases.

You do have the right to plead not guilty and contest the traffic ticket. In not guilty pleas, the judge will require the government’s witnesses to testify under Maryland;s rules of procedure: proof beyond a reasonable doubt, no hearsay, defendant’s right to confront the accuser and cross-examine. While most judges will not hold it against you that you pled not guilty, you will get the full fine if you are found guilty.

The Maryland speeding ticket fine is usually due that day and the court will ordinarily impose court costs and possibly some “special assessments”.

If a traffic ticket involves a possibility of jail, it is foolish to go to court without a Maryland traffic attorney. Even if jail is not likely, it is wise to retain a traffic lawyer to assist with negotiating a reduction. You may have the right to a trial by jury and your attorney can assist with that tactical decision as well.

Maryland Speeding Ticket with a CDL License

CDL Truck drivers are subject to a completely different set of rules that the normal driving public. Under the new Federal rules any speeding ticket that is 15mph over the speed limit is classified as a serious CDL violation. There are also a number of other traffic tickets that are classified as serious. If a truck driver receives just one serious speeding ticket, he may be terminated from his job. If he should receive two within three years, he will lose his truck driving job since his CDL driving license will be suspended.

In general a truck driver or anyone that drives a company vehicle should fight all Maryland traffic tickets even if you have to retain a Maryland traffic attorney.

Maryland Auto Insurance

Despite the calls for tougher enforcement of the speeding laws, traffic accidents and personal injuries are continuing to decline.This is in spite of the fact that the number of vehicles and miles driven are increasing. As a result, Maryland auto insurance companies are making record profits and are offering incentives for you to change companies.

If you have not checked you auto insurance rates lately now is a good time to compare.

Maryland Drivers License Point System

In Maryland, a traffic ticket can be either a moving violation of a non moving violation. Maryland speeding tickets and traffic tickets carry one point or more under Maryland's 12 point system; an unsafe lane change carries one point while driving while revoked carries 12 drivers license points.

1 point

(1) Any “moving violation” not listed below and not contributing to an accident: 1 point

2 points

(2) Following another vehicle too closely
(3) Speeding in excess of the posted speed limit by 10 miles an hour or more
(4) Driving with an improper class of license
(5) Failing to stop for a school vehicle with activated alternately flashing red lights
(6) Any violation of § 21-1111 of the TR article (putting glass/refuse on highway/bridge/waters)
(7) Passing an emergency or police vehicle under the provisions of § 21-405(d) of the TR
(8) A violation of § 21-511(a) of this article
(9) Failure to stop a vehicle for a steady red traffic signal in violation of § 21-202 of this article or a nonfunctioning traffic control signal inviolation of § 21-209 of this article
(10) Operating a limousine in violation of § 21-1127(a) of this article

3 points

(11) Any moving violation contributing to an accident
(12) Any violation of § 16-303(h) or (i) of this title
(13) Any violation, except violations committed on the John F. Kennedy Memorial Highway (I-95), of § 21-1411 of this article (certain HazMat violations)

5 points

(14) Speeding in excess of the posted speed limit by 30 miles an hour or more
(15) Driving while not licensed
(16) Failure to report an accident
(17) Driving on a learner’s permit unaccompanied
(18) Any violation of § 17-107 of this article
(19) Participating in a race or speed contest on a highway
(20) Any violation of § 16-304 or § 16-305 of this title
(21) Any violation of § 22-404.5 of this article
(22) Speeding in excess of a posted speed limit of 65 miles an hour by 20 miles an hour or more
(23) Aggressive driving in violation of § 21-901.2 of this article

6 points

(24) Reckless driving
(25) Driving while impaired by alcohol or while impaired by a drug, combination of drugs, or a combination of one or more drugs and alcohol, or driving within 12 hours after arrest under § 21-902.1 of this article
(26) Turning off lights of a vehicle to avoid identification
(27) Failing to stop after accident resulting in damage to attended vehicle or property
(28) Failing to stop after accident resulting in damage to unattended vehicle or property
(29) Any violation of § 16-815 or § 16-816 of this title
(30) Failing to stop after an accident resulting in bodily injury or death
(31) Any violation of § 16-303 of this title, excluding § 16-303(h) or (i)

12 points

(32) Any violation of § 16-301, § 16-302, § 16-804, or § 16-808(a)(1) through (9) or (b) of this title
(33) Homicide, life threatening injury under § 3-211 of the Criminal Law Article, or assault committed by means of a vehicle
(34) Driving while under the influence of alcohol, while under the influence of alcohol per se, or while impaired by an illegally used controlled dangerous substance
(35) Any felony involving use of a vehicle
(36) Fleeing or attempting to elude a police officer
(37) The making of a false affidavit or statement under oath, or falsely certifying to the truth of any fact or information to the Administration under the Maryland Vehicle Law or under any law relating to the ownership oroperation of motor vehicles
(38) Any violation involving an unlawful taking or unauthorized use of a motor vehicle under § 7-105 or § 7-203 of the Criminal Law Article, or §14-102 of this article

At 5 points the Maryland DMV will summon a Maryland driver in for a mandatory “point system conference” ; at 8 points the DMV will attempt to suspend a driver’s license and at 12 points a revocation is possible. Points on your license usually translate inot an increase in your Maryland auto insurance.

Radar Detectors and Laser Detectors

Many jurisdictions in Maryland are now using Laser as their speeding ticket measuring device. The problem with most laser detectors is that by the time it goes off the officer already has your speed locked in. Laser Jammers currently are not illegal like radar jammers.

Click HERE to see our radar and laser detector recommendations and laser jammers.



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