Beat New Jersey Speeding Ticket


Beat New Jersey Speeding Ticket
At the stop you are technically under arrest but normally allowed to continue on your way once the officer has issued you your New Jersey speeding ticket. The officer has the right to ask you and any passengers to exit the vehicle. He also has the right to "pat" you down for weapons if he has reason to fear for his safety. He may also ask for your consent to search your vehicle. How to act during the stop is fully covered in our article New Jersey Traffic Stop

You do not have the right to ask to see the radar unit so do not even ask. Since many stops are on tape, you should not say or do anything that would prevent you from later contesting the New Jersey speeding ticket in court.

Your first step is to determine the exact charge and the consequences to your pocketbook. Insurance companies look closely at your driving record and just one ticket can dramatically increase your insurance premiums for three years. Look at the statute number on the ticket and find the exact law. You may have to go to a local library since the New Jersey statutes online are impossible to navigate. Here is the best resource we have found New Jersey Traffic Laws. Read the statute carefully to be sure that you understand the violation. If it is a city code then you may have to go to city hall or the local library.

If you are a New Jersey driver the violation points for a New Jersey speeding ticket are available from one of the links below. If you are from another state, your own DMV can advise how it will be treated when the New Jersey speeding ticket is entered on your record.

Generally you should always contest a traffic ticket but that is an individual decision based on your specific circumstances. Check the court date on the ticket and make arrangements well in advance of your court date. Unless it is a mandatory court appearance the officer will write the amount of the fine on the ticket. If you decide to plead guilty, simply send a money order to the court or pay online so that it reaches the clerk before your court date. We suggest CRRR and keeping a copy with your tax papers.

You must either appear, pay the fine, retain a New Jersey traffic attorney or enter a not guilty plea and request a trial at a future date. If you appear, you are usually offered a reduction in the points and fine in return for a guilty plea and immediate cash payment. If you are not satisfied with the offer, you still have the option of pleading not guilty and requesting a trial.

New Jersey Traffic Attorney Referrals

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New Jersey Speeding Ticket Attorney

Considering the insurance increase, you need to try to beat New Jersey speeding ticket. Hiring a New Jersey speeding ticket attorney is not cheap but it is cheaper than having your license suspended or paying the increase in your auto insurance premiums for three years. There is also the yearly surcharge if you exceed six points on your license.

New Jersey Drivers License Point System

If you receive a New Jersey speeding ticket for exceeding the speed limit up to and including 14 miles over the speed limit, that ticket carries 2 points. A speeding ticket where you exceed the limit by 15 or more up to and including 29 miles per hour, that violation carries 4 points. If you exceed the speed limit by 30 or more miles per hour that violation carries 5 points and Municipal Court Judges are inclined to suspend your license for a period of time for driving at that rate of speed.

New Jersey Municipal Courts permit plea bargaining on all offenses except Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) and Drug Cases. In many instances, a municipal court prosecutor will down grade a 2 or 4 point speeding ticket to a 0 point ticket (NJSA 39:4-97.2 - Unsafe Driving) without the necessity of being represented by a New Jersey speeding ticket attorney. You have to pay the fine, a $250 surcharge and $30 in court costs. It is unusual for the court to allow this for a 5 point ticket unless you do have a New Jersey attorney.

The kicker is that you can only use this twice during a five year period. If you accidentally do this, and many people do, the New Jersey DMV will assess 4 points against your New Jersey drivers license.

Click here for a full schedule of the

New Jersey Drivers License Point System

New Jersey Auto Insurance

New Jersey auto insurance rates are the highest in the nation. One ticket can mean a drastic increase in your insurance premiums for three full years. If you know that a major New Jersey speeding ticket is going to appear on your record, you need to consider canceling your current insurance and purchasing a full year with another carrier.

A four point ticket usually means a $600 per year increase for three years. Five or more points can double your insurance. While a driver improvement course will remove points from your driver's license, most insurance carriers in New Jersey will not reduce your auto insurance rates.

One way to be sure that you are getting the best deal on New Jersey auto insurance is to shop around. If you think you are paying too much or just want to be sure that your current company is not ripping you off then we recommend the following site.

Never allow your insurance to cancel for non-payment. If you cannot pay always cancel your New Jersey auto insurance and then park your car. A bad credit report can also increase your auto insurance premiums.

New Jersey Speeding Ticket Point Surcharge

The New Jersey traffic court will not notify you of the surcharge that you have to pay for every year you have six or more points on your New Jersey driving record.

If you are assigned points on your Driver License, you will have to pay point surcharges in addition to any court-imposed fines and penalties. This surcharge remains operational as long as a driver has six or more points on record resulting from violations posted in the preceding three years.

The point total is based on the date the violations are posted to your record, not the date when the violations occurred. Delaying a speeding ticket conviction may allow you to avoid the extra charges.

If the surcharge is not paid, the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission will suspend all driving privileges indefinitely and take judgment action filed in the state Superior Court, which may include securing a lien against any real property that you own, a garnishment of your wages, or other similar actions.

New Jersey Point surcharges: $100 for six points, and $25 for each additional point Additional surcharges: $100 for driving while unlicensed $250 for driving while suspended $100 for failing to insure a MOPED $250 for operating an uninsured vehicle

If you are an out of state driver, you are still subject to the surcharge. If you fail to pay, NJ will suspend your NJ driving privileges, and will then notify your home state of this suspension. Your home state will likely honor this suspension, and will suspend you in your state until you get a letter of clearance from NJ.

New Jersey Surcharge Facts

Pay New Jersey Speeding Ticket

New Jersey speeding ticket fine can be paid online with a credit card. We recommend that you not pay New Jersey speeding ticket until you know how it will affect your New Jersey auto insurance premiums. Typically one point will add 150.00 to your premiums for three years. A four point ticket could easily cost you $1800. Paying a New Jersey speeding ticket attorney to beat New Jersey speeding ticket may be a better option. However, if you want to pay, here is the link.

Pay New Jersey Traffic Ticket

If you need to contact a New Jersey Traffic Court, here is the link:

New Jersey DWI Courts

To research the New Jersey traffic law and statutes:

New Jersey Traffic Law

To contact the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (DMV)

New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission

Radar Detector Recommendations

PREVENT FUTURE TRAFFIC TICKETS Purchasing a quality radar detector and laser detector and learning how to use it can help prevent future traffic tickets. Click HERE to see our radar and laser detector recommendations.


Why You Should Never Just Pay a NJ Speeding Ticket

This post from another speeding ticket forum is why you may want to consider paying a New Jersey Traffic Attorney to handle your traffic ticket.

Basically, NJ runs two systems – DMV and Insurance and they are independent of each other.

Insurance can only go back 3 years from the current date. They can only ding you every renewal period. So a renewal in February 07 and a ticket in march 07, will not be caught or penalties assessed until next February’s renewal.

DMV however works like this:

That ticket in March (call it March 5th for argument sake) may not be heard in court till April. You take a 4pt. ticket in court or just pay the fine not knowing about the local surcharge deal.

You must drive point free and suspension free from March 5th 07 to march 5th 08. If you accomplish this you get a 3 point credit for good driving leaving you with still 1 point on your license. You must drive from March 5th to march 8th, again no point assessing tickets or suspensions, to receive your 3 point good driving credit. The catch is that you can never go negative.

Now suppose on August 5th of 07 you get a parking ticket, forget to pay it, someone swiped the ticket from your car, or you fail to appear in court. The local court has a right to request a suspension of your driving privileges until the fine is satisfied. Guess what, you got a suspension within the year period of your good driving credit. NO CREDIT FOR YOU, a75 - 100 fee to reinstate your license, then you pay the stupid 11 dollar ticket. On the day your license is re-instated, call it August 20th by the time you get the suspension letter in the mail, get a ride to DMV ( don’t drive there – your license is suspended) and pay the fine… you must drive one year from that date for the credit.

And so it goes – you now have 4 pts on your license, you must drive two years due to the suspension for the credit and if you were to get another 2 – 4pt ticket within the first year of the other ticket. 30 day suspension automatically.

You can only take a NJ state approved course, like through AAA, once every 5 years, and DMV has to send you to their 3 point course of which when you complete it you are on probation for 1 year. Get a ticket in that year and walla, another suspension.

For me, I was young, moved out at 18 and had the whole world figured out – my parents new nothing.

$5,000 in fines, restoration fees, class fees, insurance surcharges via the DMV – did we cover that little rip-off – get 6 or more points and they charge you an insurance surcharge of$150 a year for three years – and its 50 a point for each point over 6 but it has nothing to do with the Insurance company or their point assessment.

So basically I couldn’t afford a few tickets, I thought not paying them and avoiding court would delay them getting to me, etc…

IT was a total disaster and I am still not out of it.

Just the other day, I made an honest mistake – turned left from an unmarked lane in New City New York. HE gave me a 2 point ticket. Well guess what all out of state tickets put two points on your license which will interrupt my credit this September.

IF I cannot get him to reduce this ticket to a similar non point assessing charge I am so screwed.

Nothing like driving on eggs every day of your life trying to avoid a ticket when you have to go to work, school, family etc.

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