Trucker Accident and Lawyers


by Dave Johnson

I read an article about a trucker accident, the other day, It said that the Trucker, was not a fault in any way. The witnesses said "the pick-up ran the stop sign, They must have had something else on their mind."

It shocked me so much that the article I had to keep, Now, Humanity makes it easier for me to sleep. It gives me the courage to have a ray of hope, There are some people out there not trying to use a rope.

When it's the trucker, doing his job, doing what's right. The driver might have trouble sleeping through the night, After being in an accident that snuffed out the life, Of a young mother. It could have been his child, or his wife.

So easily today, in this hectic hurry up world, That we so often forget to think "That could be my girl." On second thought I went to bended Knee, When I thought of what could happen. What can be.

For the young lady had a three year old, If some hot-shot lawyer approached the family with promises bold. Selling them a dream, exciting their greed, Telliing them how the trucker should pay for this deed.

The attorney will against the trucker file his claim, Even after people at the scene cleared him of all blame. With half-facts, he will create his story, The jury will hear details, bloody and gory.

Of how this trucker, passing through their town, Viciously ran this young mother down. Of course, the family is overcome with grief, That can be eased by monetary relief.

To the world I will make this comment, The hot-shot lawyer will make a mint. He will only be out a little time, Hurting a man that had committed no crime.

The trucker's insurance will take the fall. This will be another that is paid for by us all. This action might bring the lawyer wealth and fame, Another reason why our court system is a shame.

This kind of case has gotten out of hand, Wrongful death lawsuits is now the cry of the land. We need to return to what's honest and right, Maybe then we will be able to sleep better at night