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Don't let a BAD DAC Report hold you back.

There is a service available that will dispute/remove inaccurate information such as accidents/incidents, discharge, or company policy violations reported on your HireRight Report. Below is contact information on the company that may be able to help you,

Get your record cleaned up, Quickly and Easily. With the DACFix service, a Driver Advocate team will pull your report, call you to get your side, and manage your dispute from start to finish. The DACFix Service is $249 and well worth the expense to protect your record.

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I am often asked what DAC stands for. The truth is I have never been able to get an answer. What I do know is that it is very important for the truck driver to know what is in their report.

Your DAC report is to the truck driver what your credit report is to a consumer. When you are apply for a mortgage the first thing the bank checks is your credit report. If there is something negative on the report, regardless of whether it is true, you will be denied the loan. You DAC report is similar in that when you apply for a job as a truck driver the first thing the prospective trucking company checks is your HireRight report. If there are any negative entries you will have a much harder time finding employment.

Your report consists of two parts. The first is your MVR (motor vehicle report) which is your CDL driving record obtained from your home state.

Once a speeding ticket violation goes on your MVR there is nothing that can normally be done and certainly not without an attorney. Reopening a case is very difficult and costly. It pays to contest every moving violation citation because they stay on your record for three years and most companies require that you have no more than two non-serious traffic violations on your driving record.

Of course two serious moving violations in three years means that your license will be suspended and goodbye truck driving job. In addition CDL drivers can no longer take advantage of driving school or deferment programs like the 4 wheelers. This means that it is getting very difficult to keep a clean driving record if you are a CDL driver.

The other part of the report is your work record. This is simply what your former employers have reported. The trucking companies are paid a small fee for your record. This will include notations about any accidents, noted as preventable or non preventable, or other problems.

If possible, always try to leave on good terms because what your former employers say about you carries a great deal of weight in the trucking industry. If you have a recent preventable accident or a bad report from a former employer then you will have a serious problem getting any major company to hire you.

This is why it is so important to regularly monitor your DAC report. You have the right to obtain a copy of your report and also to dispute any incorrect information. This means they must verify any item that you dispute.

However, if the company confirms then it stays on your report. You will then have to contact the company directly and try to get them to correct the report. Again you may need an attorney since the company has no incentive to change the report. In my experience most companies will simply ignore your request since it costs them to investigate.

The company that provides truck driver history reports is now called HireRight. Your report is subject to the FACT Act file disclosure requirements. Upon request to HireRight, a truck driver is entitled to receive a free copy of his or her DAC report once every twelve months. There are other circumstances under which a consumer may be entitled to free copies of their file. They will also tell you which companies have been provided with your CDL driver history report.

It takes HireRight approximately 15 days to process your request and send you a free copy.

HireRight only maintains consumer files for individuals who have applied for employment with their customers. As a result, your particular file may not be available through HireRight if you have not applied for employment with one of their customers. To request a copy of your DAC report click on the link below


or contact them at

Telephone: (800) 381-0645 (Monday -Friday, 7am to 7pm Central Time)
Fax: (918) 664-5520
Attn: Consumers Department
14002 E. 21st Street, Suite 1200
Tulsa, OK 74134

If you have fraudulent information on your DAC report you need to first follow the dispute resolution procedures. Fix Your DAC Report will do this for you for $189. Be careful that just because something has been removed from your DAC does not mean that you do not need to put it on your application.

If your new employer finds out by other means you may be fired for filling out a false application.

DAC Truck Driver Lawsuit

January 2007
Six truckers who sued USIS (the former company that provided reports) for false statements on their reports lost a legal battle when a federal jury ruled against them. The truckers claimed USIS used improper procedures to acquire the reports and the reports were inaccurate. The truckers based their claims on violations of the Fair credit Reporting Act. Attorney Paul Cullen Sr. is appealing the ruling to the 10th. Circuit Court of Appeals. We will post developments in this case as they become available.

This ruling shows how important it is to leave your current company on the correct terms. If you know you intend to leave, request a copy of your record from the company. This makes it harder for them to back date any negative comments. Give a two week written notice and have a company representative initial your copy. When you turn in your truck have it inspected and get a written report from an authorized representative. Contest anything on your record that is listed as a "preventable."

One favorite trick that has been brought to my attention is for the company to request a drug screen. Since you have quit, you fail to show and the company lists it as a refusal. Then they report it to your new company and you are promptly fired.

While it is possible to remove an incorrect report from your DAC, it takes time, money, and proof. Since most truck drivers do not document, they have no proof. Truck driving is a business and you need to treat it as such. One of the best ways to protect yourself is to join a prepaid legal plan. Advice from an attorney at the time of the incident can save you a lot of grief down the road (no pun intended).


Frequently Asked DAC Report Questions

DISCLAIMER Please note that we do not guarantee any of the following information since it is gathered from reports from other truck drivers. In addition HireRight policies are subject to change so please verify any of the information relative to your own particular situation.

Is Drug and Alcohol Information recorded on my DAC report?

By law, a company is required to release D&A information for the past 3 years...after 3 years, they do not have to. D&A information is now recorded on your truck driver history report.

How long does information stay on my DAC report?

A HireRight report will typically keep information on it for 10 years. However, after 7 years, things like accidents, work record, and eligibility for rehire will be removed, leaving only the dates of employment and what type of experience you had. Additionally, if a company goes out of business, accidents, work record, and eligibility for rehire is supposed to be removed.

Can I get my DAC report by email?

No. You have to contact HireRight at the information above and they will snail mail it to you.

How long does it take to receive my report?

Currently it is taking them about two weeks to respond.

My truck was stuck and a wrecker pulled me out. The company is listing this as a preventable accident even though there was no damage and I did not receive a ticket. Can they do this?

Yes. Incidents and accidents are both listed as preventable or non preventable. If you disagree with a determination you do have the right to refute any information on your DAC report.

How do I get my DAC Report corrected?

You need to start by sending HireRight a letter, CRRR, advising them of the disputed entry and requesting that they remove it. They have thirty days to either verify the information or make a corrected entry.

If the company verifies the report or DAC refuses to make a corrected entry, you will probably need assistance. Call 1-800-494-7517.


Carriers you have worked for, or whose orientation you attended report on you to DAC, which places the information on your report. Here are some key areas that you should watch out for!

Orientations: Let’s say you started orientation with a carrier but didn’t like what you were hearing and left. You guessed it, that carrier can report on you even though you never collected a single paycheck. Unless you’re certain that you want to work for a carrier, do not submit to a pre-employment drug screen or attend the orientation session.

Discharges: Try and leave companies on good terms with two week written notice. Most banks will notarize your letter for free. Just a handwritten notarized note of resignation can prevent discharged, load abandonment, and quit under dispatch, common negative items that can keep you from getting hired by other carriers.

Drug History File: Another area that causes big problems for drivers is drug test refusals and failures. Never quit after being asked to take a random test. Take the test, and then quit with written notice if at all possible. Any time you take a test, ask for a copy of the paper work showing you submitted to the test. Retain this in your records.

Accidents/Incidents: This is an important one. Don’t report minor incidents where there was no damage or where you paid for minor damage straight out of your pocket. Seasoned drivers know the value of keeping a couple of hundred in cash for just these occasions. This can prevent an unsatisfactory safety record from being placed into your DAC report, in addition to the incident itself. Two incidents on your report will cause insurance carrier alarms to go off and lesson your chances of getting hired and increase your chances of getting terminated. is a company dedicated to removing inaccurate job history information on the DAC report. They have a team of Driver Advocates that will pull your CDL driver history report, call you to get your side, and manage your dispute from start to finish.

Call them at 800 494-7517 or visit Fix Your HireRight Report to order their DACFix Service. It is a flat fee of $249.

Ask an Attorney! Do you have a legal question ON ANY SUBJECT? We have legal experts online to answer your question RIGHT NOW!!!

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