Are you paying more than $49.95 a month for residential phone service and long distance? There is a better way than that guy with the apples. Excel My Line Complete Package offers unlimited local and long distance calls with 10 calling features for only $49.95.

Unlimited Local Calling
Calling Features:
Three Way Calling
Call Waiting
Call Return
Caller ID - Name & Number
Call Blocking
Speed Dialing
Call Forwarding
Auto Redial
Priority Call
Anonymous Call Rejection
Allows other Friends-R-Free members to call you for free.

Unlimited long distance
Check the availability in your area and make the change to savings at

Excel Communications


Frequently asked question

I received an out of state speeding ticket in a small town. The officer said that if I just paid the ticket there would be no points and it would not go on my record.

I hate to tell you this but in most cases he is lying. He knows you are from out of state, why do you think you were stopped to begin with? The last thing the officer wants is for you to contest the ticket so he is giving you this line about no points.

What actually happens is that the ticket is reported back to your home state and points are assessed based on the laws of your home state, not the laws of the town where you received the ticket. Many people have been surprised to find that the no points suddenly turned into four.

Always contest a speeding ticket. The best way to do this, especially for out of state tickets is through a Pre-paid Legal Plan. For more information contact

Pre-Paid Legal


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