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A South Carolina speeding ticket is considered a criminal offense. At the stop you are technically under arrest but normally allowed to continue on your way. The officer has the right to ask you and any passengers to exit the vehicle. He also has the right to "pat" you down for weapons if he has reason to fear for his safety. He may also ask for your consent to search your vehicle. How to act during the stop is fully covered in our article South Carolina Traffic Stop

The right to "pat" you down is called a Terry stop or Terry frisk. For more information on the case Terry v. Ohio see

Traffic Stop Search and Seizure"

You do not have the right to ask to see the radar unit so do not even ask. Since many stops are on tape, you should not say or do anything that would prevent you from later contesting the South Carolina speeding ticket in court.

Your first step is to determine the exact charge and the consequences to your pocketbook. Insurance companies look closely at your driving record and just one ticket can dramatically increase your insurance premiums for three years. Look at the statute number on the ticket and find the exact law at the South Carolina Speeding Ticket Laws. Read the statute carefully to be sure that you understand the violation. If it is a city code then you may have to go to city hall or the local library.

If you are a South Carolina driver the violation points for a South Carolina speeding ticket are listed below. If you are from another state, your own DMV can advise how it will be treated when the South Carolina speeding ticket is entered on your record. Speeding 25mph+ over the limit can be considered reckless.

Generally you should always contest a traffic ticket but that is an individual decision based on your specific circumstances. Check the court date on the ticket and make arrangements well in advance of your court date. Unless it is a mandatory court appearance, the officer will write the amount of the fine on the ticket. If you decide to plead guilty, simply send a money order to the court so that it reaches the clerk before your court date. We suggest CRRR and keeping a copy with your tax papers.

You cannot discuss a South Carolina speeding ticket with the judge prior to your court date. You must either appear, pay the fine, retain a South Carolina traffic ticket attorney or enter a not guilty plea by mail or fax. If you appear, you are usually offered a reduction in the points and fine in return for a guilty plea and immediate cash payment. If you are not satisfied with the offer, you still have the option of pleading not guilty and also of requesting a jury trial.

South Carolina traffic tickets are handled either by city court or the county magistrate court. The court date on the ticket is an arraignment where you either negotiate or plead not guilty. If you request a jury trial the court will advise you in about two weeks of your actual trial date. If you intend to plead not guilty then you can skip the arraignment and a day in South Carolina traffic court by either mailing or faxing in a plea of not guilty. Be sure that you talk to the clerk to verify receipt. Your South Carolina speeding ticket usually will not be dismissed if the officer is not present at the arraignment. However, it doesn't hurt to ask the judge to dismiss. Some courts will hold a trial by judge on your first court date. Unless you have an excellent defense, this normally results in a guilty verdict.

South Carolina does not have a deferment or traffic school option where your speeding ticket will not be entered on your driving record. Some cities will allow traffic school but normally this takes the assistance of an attorney. There are also some city ordinances, usually "careless driving", that are not reported to the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles. The clerk of court is your best source of information on a particular judge and the court procedures.

If you request a trial, the officer normally will act as the prosecutor. If he does not appear, you can request dismissal for "non-prosecution" and the judge should grant your motion but some judges will give the state a continuance. If you decide on a trial, you should retain a South Carolina traffic attorney. That is how they earn their living and they know the "ins and outs" of the judicial system. Of course, you are just interested in the "outs". Never, ever represent yourself where there is the possibility of jail time or a license suspension.

If you decide to "go it alone" then you need to commit to the time and effort necessary to prepare your defense. Start by attending a similar speeding ticket trial. The clerk can give you the court schedule. Discovery is not allowed in South Carolina traffic court but you can do a Freedom of Information request and also subpoena the records for court. Good luck!

South Carolina Speeding Ticket - Out of State License

South Carolina reports speeding tickets to all fifty states. Generally the ticket will be entered on your record and points will be assessed just as if you received the speeding ticket in your home state. A few states do treat out of state tickets differently so the only way to be sure is to contact the DMV of your home state.

North Carolina License - South Carolina Speeding Ticket Special warning to North Carolina drivers with a South Carolina speeding ticket. The officer will probably tell you should just pay the ticket. This can be very bad advice. North Carolina will suspend your drivers license for a 15+mph violation and any violation over 10mph can increase your insurance premiums. Hiring a South Carolina speeding ticket attorney or appearing in court may save you a lot of trouble and money down the road. We get calls constantly from North Carolina drivers who have paid their South Carolina speeding ticket and then find out their license is suspended. After you pay the ticket it is too late.

South Carolina Attorney Referrals

South Carolina Speeding Ticket Lawyers

If you are a CDL driver, just one serious South Carolina speeding ticket may put your job at risk. Insurance companies will increase your South Carolina auto insurance premiums based on your driving record. You need to evaluate the total cost of a SC speeding ticket and not just the amount of the fine or the cost of legal representation.

If you have a ticket, contact one of the following South Carolina traffic attorneys. Speeding ticket legal representation in South Carolina usually runs between 300 and 1000 dollars depending on your specific situation and whether the case goes to a jury trial. It is very difficult to get a speeding ticket dismissed but an SC attorney may be able to negotiate a reduction in the traffic ticket fine and points and you will avoid a court appearance. Since a SC speeding ticket stays on your record for three years, it may be cheaper to pay an SC traffic attorney rather than your insurance company.

These South Carolina attorneys handle South Carolina DUI, South Carolina Speeding, South Carolina Driver's License Suspension, and other SC traffic related issues.

Myrtle Beach South Carolina Attorney
Wes Everett
Everett Law Firm, P.A
(800) 942-8048

Myrtle Beach Traffic Violation Lawyer
South Carolina DUI and DWI Attorney
Many North Carolina drivers receive South Carolina speeding tickets while visiting the Myrtle Beach and Conway area. If your ticket is 15+ over the limit you need an attorney to contest the speeding ticket and avoid a suspension of your North Carolina license. Do not just pay the ticket, instead contact a South Carolina traffic attorney.
Wes covers Georgetown and Horry counties along with all South Carolina Myrtle Beach areas.
Myrtle Beach DUI Attorney

Greenville South Carolina Traffic Lawyer
Wayne Patterson
P.O. Box 14757
Greenville, SC 29610
Phone: 864-270-7973

Wayne Patterson is a Greenville Spartanburg South Carolina DUI attorney, personal injury lawyer, and divorce attorney covering Greenville, Pickens, Greer, Spartanburg, Laurens, Anderson, Clemson and Duncan South Carolina cities and counties.

Charleston South Carolina Attorney
Charleston Speeding Ticket Attorney
J. Chris Lanning
12A Carriage Lane
Charleston, S.C.
Phone 843-766-5576
Fax 843-766-9152

Charleston Traffic Attorney

Chris Lanning is a Charleston SC attorney that handles all legal matters including Charleston County DUI and Berkley County DUI.

Columbia South Carolina Attorney

The Lord Law Firm, LLC, located in Irmo, South Carolina near Columbia provides experienced, effective defense statewide to South Carolinians and residents of North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama and other states who have received traffic tickets or been charged with a DUI offense in South Carolina.

7436 Broad River Road
Bldg. 1, Suite 110
Irmo, SC 29063-7601

Toll Free: (877) 407-4140
Website: SC Traffic Tickets

Ray is a former police officer and assistant solicitor handling Traffic Violations and Speeding Tickets, DUI, DUAC, BUI and Traffic Defense, Criminal Defense, and South Carolina personal injury cases mainly in Richland, Lexington, Newberry, Clarendon, Lee, and York South Carolina counties but regularly appears in all state and city courts.

South Carolina Drivers License Point System

The South Carolina Driver's License Point System is based on the 12 points similar to most states. When you accumulate 12 or more points your drivers license is suspended. VIOLATION - POINTS

Reckless driving - 6
Passing stopped school bus - 6
Hit-and-run, property damages only - 6
Driving too fast for conditions, or speeding:

(1) No more than 10 m.p.h. above the posted limits - 2
(2) More than 10 m.p.h. but less than 25 m.p.h. above the posted limits - 4
(3) 25 m.p.h. or above the posted limits - 6

Disobedience of any official traffic control device - 4
Disobedience to officer directing traffic - 4
Failing to yield right of way - 4
Driving on wrong side of road - 4
Passing unlawfully - 4
Turning unlawfully - 4
Driving through or within safety zone - 4
Failing to give signal or giving improper signal for stopping, turning, or suddenly decreased speed - 4
Shifting lanes without safety precaution - 2
Improper dangerous parking - 2
Following too closely - 4
Failing to dim lights - 2
Operating with improper lights - 2
Operating with improper brakes - 4
Operating a vehicle in unsafe condition - 2
Driving in improper lane - 2
Improper backing - 2

South Carolina Auto Insurance

One minor ticket may not increase your rates but two or more MINOR TRAFFIC VIOLATIONS or one serious ticket and YOUR RATES WILL GO THRU THE ROOF. Fight back by applying for a new policy right after receiving a ticket, but well before the ticket has been decided in court. The easiest way is to apply for multiple quotes ONLINE.

Should I Purchase a Radar Detector?

If you already have one speeding ticket on your record, I recommend that you purchase a radar detector. They are not an excuse to speed, they are to help you from receiving an inadvertent ticket. Purchasing a quality radar detector and learning how to use it can help prevent future tickets. Click HERE to learn more.


South Carolina Speed Trap

CHARLESTON MT. PLEASANT SPEED TRAP Mt. Pleasant police are using a beat up pickup truck to sneak up on surprised motorists and issue speeding tickets. Police seized the V-6 powered domestic long-bed truck in a drug raid. They then equipped it with blue police lights and tinted windows, making it very hard to identify as a legitimate police vehicle.

Mt. Pleasant continually runs radar on I-526, especially the Eastbound lane. The newest trap is to park an old white van in the median and hit you with laser, especially on weekends and holidays.

Roadblocks and checkpoints at night are common in Charleston and Mt. Pleasant.

S.C. 46 in Bluffton, SC The South Carolina Highway Patrol and some cities are starting to use Laser guns to issue South Carolina speeding tickets. Radar detectors don't work with Laser since by the time it alerts, they already have your speed locked.

Bluffton police push to enforce speed limits

Cottageville South Carolina Speed Trap
The mayor of this well-known Lowcountry South Carolina speed trap, who has a long history of driving violations of his own, can be clearly heard on a videotape scolding a young officer for not writing enough tickets.
Cottageville South Carolina Speed Trap

Greenville South Carolina Speed Traps

Newberry County on I-26, especially at the rest areas near the 62 milemarker. It is not unusual to see an unmarked vehicle shooting radar with an additional 4 or 5 troopers as pickups. Being the 3rd or 4th car in line won't help you.

I-85 Speed Trap. Duncan City Police are now actively on the interstate at Hwy 290 between Greenville and Spartanburg. If you have a Duncan speeding ticket call Wayne Patterson, Duncan traffic attorney at 864-270-7973. Mr. Patterson also handles all Spartanburg speeding tickets.

I-95 Speed Trap Ridgeland Photo Radar Cameras

The Town of Ridgeland in Jasper County near the Georgia border has installed photo radar cameras on I-95 in South Carolina. My understanding is that they are set to trigger at 85mph. They take your picture and then your tag and the town sends you the speeding ticket in the mail. While there is some question as to the legality of the procedure, the town is generating quite a sum of money for its general fund.

I-95 South Carolina Speed Trap in Jasper County

Ridgeland Speeding Ticket

Cost South Carolina Speeding Ticket

Some South Carolina counties will accept payment of speeding ticket fines online. If you decide to pay your ticket, be sure you know the consequences to your drivers license and your insurance rates before making a decision not to contest. The cost of an attorney to fight your SC ticket may be your best option. Call one of the SC traffic lawyers listed above for a free consultation before you pay.

Click on the link below to see if your South Carolina Traffic Fine can be paid online.

Pay South Carolina Speeding Ticket

South Carolina Traffic Court Phone Numbers

New South Carolina DUI Laws

South Carolina has enacted tougher laws on driving under the influence. It simply doesn't pay to drink and drive. The financial costs are enormous and you are now very likely to spend some serious time in jail. If you are arrested for a South Carolina DUI, consult one of the SC DUI attorneys listed above.

South Carolina's New DUI Laws



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South Carolina Highway Patrol

Receiving a South Carolina speeding ticket may not be one of your most pleasant experiences. However, SC State troopers are professionals that serve the public under very difficult circumstances. Be courteous and polite.